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"Prepaid for maintenance service on 2 air conditioners. Based on sound, technician determined I need a new unit The refrigerant was low, instead of putting refrigerant, he said it's low because it's leaking and suggested I pay $6800 for a new unit. Because he didn't like my line of questioning, he became irritated and said he would arrange for a full refund and left without performing the service that was prepaid. Very unprofessional and childish.. "
C . S from Mckinney, TX on May 14th, 2019
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" We had the evaporator and indoor coils replaced under warrantee. The repair itself was fine. However getting the warrantee honored was very difficult. First, I took over a week to get a return call. In fact, throughout the entire ordeal, numerous calls and voice messages went unanswered. Second, we were told that to have the problem diagnosed, we would be required to pay for a leak check. The entire unit is under a ten year warrantee and that would have been year seven. I was also told that I would have to pay for freon. I disagreed on both points. If the system is under a ten year warrantee, why must I pay for anything? I understand freon is expensive, but that being the case try putting in a system that doesn't leak to begin with instead of passing the buck on to me. Third, and this is what really ended our relationship, you tried to make the claim that you didn't install the indoor coils. Either you are at fault for not keeping appropriate records for the systems you warrantee or you are at fault for trying to avoid the repair - I don't know which and I don't really care. I know that I should not have to dig up paperwork, spend hours trying to get someone on the phone and prove to you that it was a unit you installed. It was only because we dug up the paper work and the experience and dedication of one of your long time technicians that the discovery of and old distributor was made. Management/Ownership never seemed to have a clue. I spent weeks dealing with unanswered calls and messages, a yelling match on the phone with the owner who seemed more concerned with justifying why I should pay for the freon then having someone out to fix a system under warrantee, resetting the system every time it went into low pressure lockout and hoping the upstairs would cool down in time so we could all sleep in our bedrooms, and arguing about why I should pay you to diagnose a system under warrantee. Once the repair was finally and mercifully done, we have not had a problem with the unit. So we are grateful that you made the correct diagnosis and finally honored the warantee despite the fact that it was far more difficult than it ever should have been. You at least get one star for that. I am left with the suspicion that something has changed in the management of your company because in the past fifteen to twenty years you have been our AC company we never had any such problems. But as it is, when the warrantee on the one remaining system you expires in another two years, you will NEVER get a phone call from us again. I am sorry to terminate a long term relationship like that, but I refuse to accept such treatment and feel I have left me with no other choice. Sincerely, Matthew Kiser"
K . M from Richardson, TX on September 9th, 2016
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"This unit was installed by Wilson Ac in 2009 and every year it stops cooling. Wilson AC is the only company to work on it. The internal heat exchanger has been removed and installed twice both times by a Wilson AC employee. The system still leaks Freon. Again this Spring the unit would not cool. Tech states he put 5lbs of Freon into the system. Charged me $285 for this service on a system still under warranty. Offered to charge me another $179 to and sealant to the system but would not guaranty that would fix the problem. Tech seemed unable or unwilling to find why the system leaks so much Freon. Ask me to rate him "Excellent" even though he was unable to find the source of the problem. Does Wilson AC feel this is quality service? "
K . from Dallas, TX on May 11th, 2016
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"This guy is a real con man. Avoid for your own good."
M . K from Texas, TX on April 7th, 2016
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"I called Wilson Heating & Air out for having no heat. The service tech looked at my heating system and stated that I needed a whole new unit totaling $7,800.00. Well I wanted a second opinion. So I called out another person and he did the same check and told me that it was only dirty contacts. He cleaned them and it is now working perfectly. He charged me $75.00 for the service call. So in a nut shell Wilson Heating & Air tried to sell me a unit I never needed !!!! These people are obviously totally dishonest and are only concerned with sealing your money. ABSOLUTELY AVOID THIS COMPANY!"
R . H from Dallas, TX on February 27th, 2016
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"I had you guys out in May to service my AC and fix my plumbing... a month later my fan coil is leaking so I call you (and no one else) as a loyal customer... I get another price from you to get it fixed. $2900... I commit for you to fix it though I am constantly commenting on how expensive that sounds. My mother gives me the name of another company in town that replaced their entire AC unit a few years ago and did a great job and so I call him. He begins to laugh when I tell him what you want to charge me. Says I am completely being taken advantage of. He gives me an average price of what it should cost. He sends one of his techs out the next morning and completely fixes the issue for $1500 (including a 5 year warranty just like you). I am so disappointed in your company trying to take advantage of me. I can even imagine how much you over charged me for the plumbing. I will never use you again and I will make certain no one I know ever uses you either. you could have had a customer for life but instead you wanted to make quick money. Well you didn't get my money or my business..."
C . B from Dallas, TX on July 1st, 2009
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"No services was performed. The Service Tech didn't want to make the extra effort needed to perform the job so he left."
S . B from Dallas, TX on May 30th, 2009
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"I was very disappointed with the service. I have used you all a few times in the past and was always pleased. However this time was a true disappointment. The service person, Shawn, came out and discovered I was low on freon. He said I must have a large leak and with his experience that he knew it would be the coil. I asked if he needed to check the system more thoroughly before making that decision but he said he was very sure it was the coil and gave me an estimate of $2200.00 to replace the coil. He made all of this determination within 20 minutes of the inspection. I said I would have to think about it since it was $2200.00. He gladly charged the 69.95 service call for 20 minutes of work and then left. I contacted another company and they spent 2.5 hours checking my system. Yes the system was low but they could not find a leak anywhere. The inspected the coil twice to make sure. They added the necessary freon and the system began cooling perfectly. I have not had any problems with the cooling since the other company added the freon. Again I was very disappointed because the unit was not properly checked for problems and just provided an estimate of $2200.00 to fix it. I am not sure what has changed with the company philosophy but it will affect the bottom line sometime in the future."
K . M from Plano, TX on June 14th, 2009
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"I called when my a/c quit blowing cold air. I wanted someone to come look at the unit and tell me if it could be repaired or if it needed to be replaced. The rep from your company was polite and professional. However, I was disappointed in the fact that after he recognized that my a/c unit was 24 years old, he told me that it needed to be replaced and quoted me $6900. Didn't even bother to attempt to fix it or even take anything apart to look at it but still charged me $70. After making a few phone calls, a friend of mine had his friend that works on a/c units as a second job, come out to look at the unit. In a matter of 30 mins. he took the top off the condenser, replaced a solenoid, added freon and the unit began working again. He charged me $100! Through this and the quote of another company, who told me the same thing your company did, I realized that instead of trying to help your customers or potential customers, your company and others are just looking to make a buck. I'm disappointed that there are not many companies, if any at all, that just want to help consumers now days instead of just taking advantage of them. Needless to say, I will not be using your company for any problems I have in the future, nor will I be recommending your company to anyone I know. I work for a very large company and I manage 30 employees on a daily basis and I interact with at least 60 to 100 co-workers. If they ever ask me for a recommendation, I will be sure to tell them NOT to use Wilson."
J . F from Dallas, TX on July 23rd, 2009
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"B - For the Contractor Wilson Heating & Air E - For the manufacturer. This is our 2nd unit. Due to a failed part, the water leaked inside and burned the original unit up. We only had it 2 years when it did this. Due to that, we had to pay $825 in labor to get new unit installed. Even though new unit installed, overall cost may not justify the product. We know lots of people and not sure at this point if we would recommend it based on what we had to pay due to a failed part on the unit. In addition, closet was flooded that backed up to garage. Some concessions need to be made by Grand Hall to show good faith effort to keep customers and gain more in the future."
L . S from Plano, TX on July 12th, 2012
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